On January 12, 2018 at 10am Back Mountain Harvest officially closed on the new construction mortgage for $2.9 million. With lawyers present, along with Pastor Ray and representatives from The Harvest Deacon Board and the project’s General Contractor, the closing was completed with great excitement and anticipation! 

The present Harvest Leadership Team has diligently worked for the past three years to save, strategically plan, and execute various programs to bring this very moment in Harvest’s history to fruition.

Pastor Ray & Patty are truly excited to be part of such a great church family with such a talented group of people that are passionate to see the kingdom of God expand!

For the next several months of the building project, the preparation of footers and work on the retention basins is well under way. Even thru this challenging winter weather the general contractor is still making marked progress.

Our hope, here at Harvest, is to hold Easter Sunday 2019 services in our new Ministry Complex. We greatly appreciate all your continued prayers and support as our Daring Faith/Time To Build vision come to completion.