Time to Build MAY Update:

Spring is finally sprung and so is our Ministry Expansion Project! In my twenty years of pastoral ministry, I have observed several building projects. Each one of these projects had their own complex and unique dynamics.

Also, I was directly involved in a building project at a different assembly. For five years I worked with the Department of Environmental Protection, civil engineers and state as well as local government in the hope of expanding the ministry of Jesus. However, for whatever reasons, that particular project did not come to fruition. Now I find myself, yet again, in the middle of an expansion project, here at Harvest, that is multifaceted. Because of my past experience, I am more aware than ever how truly miraculous our project is!
Just like in any “recipe,” the right mixture of ingredients is necessary to produce the wonderful tasty results that any worthwhile recipe claims. Also, the successful outcome of the recipe requires the right temperature (“climate”), to produce the expected results. So, with the right ingredients and the right temperature, one can only expect a fabulous outcome. I am excited to share that we are experiencing the right mixture of ingredients along with the right temperature (“climate”) to produce an incredible and successful outcome for our Ministry Expansion Project and Purpose!
Make no mistake, here at Harvest, we are experiencing a great miracle! Every one of us is an integral part of this miracle. Paul speaks about the importance of this fact in Chapter 12, verses 4 and 5 of Romans: “Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.”
As we acknowledge this two year milestone in our Daring Faith/Time to Build Ministry Expansion, know that we all have an important role to play in this exciting new season that is unfolding before us. Be encouraged that now is the time to seek God, discover your role and begin to activate your purpose, here at Harvest.

Time To Build MARCH Update:

We are continuing to make great progress despite this hard cold winter. In the past several weeks we are working on the rock wall face. This work consist of chiseling, clearing and cosmetically making sure this area is passable and appealing. The concrete structures for the storm water management for around the Ministry Complex area, were ordered, received and unloaded. Also, the site was surveyed and staked out for the storm water ponds.

In the spirit of saving money and time, a D8 bulldozer was brought in to “rip” the foundation lines. This machine has a powerful tool that makes preparing the footers easier. Also, during the month of March are digging the foundation pad. Once the digging is complete we are then on schedule to begin pouring the footers and foundation in April.

As always, your continued pray and financial support of this project is crucial. At our Annual Business meeting on February 15th, I said that this past year of 2017 was a year of fulfillment. A strong foundation has been laid over the years that has now brought us to this pivotal time in Harvest history. As we continue to build upon this foundation, our hope and prayer is that we see the advancement of God’s Kingdom in greater ways thru the fulfillment of this Daring Faith project!

Time to Build JANUARY Update:

On January 12, 2018 at 10am Back Mountain Harvest officially closed on the new construction mortgage for $2.9 million. With lawyers present, along with Pastor Ray and representatives from The Harvest Deacon Board and the project’s General Contractor, the closing was completed with great excitement and anticipation! 

The present Harvest Leadership Team has diligently worked for the past three years to save, strategically plan, and execute various programs to bring this very moment in Harvest’s history to fruition.

Pastor Ray & Patty are truly excited to be part of such a great church family with such a talented group of people that are passionate to see the kingdom of God expand!

For the next several months of the building project, the preparation of footers and work on the retention basins is well under way. Even thru this challenging winter weather the general contractor is still making marked progress.

Our hope, here at Harvest, is to hold Easter Sunday 2019 services in our new Ministry Complex. We greatly appreciate all your continued prayers and support as our Daring Faith/Time To Build vision come to completion.